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Our Story

For 25 years, brothers Tommie and Clint Williams and their business partner Darrien Ramsey have managed a successful pine straw and land development company in Lyons, Georgia. Having been raised on a working farm, the Williams brothers were well-acquainted with an agrarian lifestyle. Their travels throughout the years have given them exposure to a variety of foods, fruits, oils and wines not traditionally native to Georgia.

In 2003, Clint announced his desire to create a local restaurant in our small southern town called Elements Bistro & Grille. It’s menu would fuse southern cuisine with international flair based on some of their traveling experiences. Tommie was initially skeptical not believing such a place could be successful in a small town. A few years later, Tommie who has a passion for farming, decided to try growing olives “just to see what would happen.” It was Clint’s turn to be skeptical. “We’ll harrow those up next year,” he said with a grin.

Happily, all their visions, hard work and persistence have paid off. Georgia’s climate, soil and water have proven the perfect combination for growing several olive cultivars. The result is a mild, fruity flavor with a fresh, unique taste.